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Stones of She was created to bring life and love into homes again. crystals have a magical vibration to help life vibrations and diminish negativity. 

After my life had a massive turn in a spiral downward I lost my spark the love and light was fading. I knew I had to find myself again, especially for my son, I had always been so interested in crystals and collected them since a child and a deep interest in the unknown of the Spiritual world. 

New doors of Spirituality kept opening up for me, my love for crystals kept growing, my knowledge kept expanding, before I knew it so many doors in the spiritual path were open I knew I had found my spark my light and happiness again. I knew I had found my soul purpose. 

Connecting with crystals, using the healing powers of crystals to help heal others, share my knowledge with the world to help heal others. this journey has gave me opportunities to help others on their journey and find their soul purpose. 

I am a psychic medium, crystal reiki master and multidimensional quantum healer. In 2020 my journey started, where I took that leap of faith into opening my own business helping you heal trauma, connect you with past loved ones, find the clarity you need in a situation to bring love and light into your life and so much more. 

The magic of crystals is how this all began.

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